Taking advantage of the arrival of the new season and the longer days, the Mediterranean restaurant Tantura is betting on a reinforced menu, with seasonal products and brunch, now that the cold is starting to set in.

Tantura is located in Bairro Alto, the meeting point of the Mediterranean in Mediterranean in Lisbon, where you can find the most traditional recipes of Israeli cuisine, made with the rigour of a contemporary restaurant. A space with bewildering (and disconcerting) furniture, which looks like something out of a flea market, and an open kitchen, with a wood oven in the corner, and iron pots and pans.

Israeli cuisine, which they seek to honour here, crosses influences from North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe, serving up the treasures of their childhood safe havens. It is worth noting that the search for ancient home-made recipes and their perfect interpretation for modern times has also become their struggle. This is how they arrived at this precious collection of recipes, many of them hidden for years
in the old family kitchens of owners Itamar Eliyahu and Elad Budenshtiin.
We were lucky enough to be able to dust them off and bring them with us, and give them a new home, in Lisbon, explains Elad
Budenshtiin, chef and owner of Tantura.

We noticed that most of the Middle Eastern cuisines in Lisbon were Lebanese, and we felt there was
room for a restaurant with different cuisines from around the world, which would represent the Middle East
Middle East in a more comprehensive way. Israeli food, which encompasses several influences, is simple, comforting
simple, comforting and above all tasty, adds Elad Budenshtiin.

Rua do Trombeta 1D, Bairro Alto
1200-471, Lisbon

21 809 6035 | reservation@tantura,pt


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